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For residents of Florida, cosmetic surgery has become a common way to improve the entire body. One such example of a procedure that is fairly unknown but gaining popularity is butt implants in Miami. A number of patients are undergoing this procedure to enhance their assets.

If you are looking to gain a more defined backside, a trip to Dr. Sam Gershenbaum's facility, the Aventura Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Restoration, can help! During your complimentary consultation, you can discuss your aesthetic goals with our doctor and learn more about butt implants.

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What are butt implants?

Butt implant surgery is designed to create larger and/or firmer buttocks. By surgically inserting soft silicone implants into the buttock area, a patient can achieve the fullness and projection that they once lacked. These implants come in various sizes and shapes, and with the assistance of Dr. Gershenbaum, you can select the ones that are best for your figure!

How can butt implants help me?

If you have a smaller buttocks that needs some extra volume, butt implants can help you achieve more ideal curves. Patients seek this procedure in order to gain better:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Body proportion

Dr. Sam Gershenbaum

Some patients who are interested in butt implants may also qualify for the Brazilian butt lift. Miami's Dr. Gershenbaum can assess that possibility during a complimentary consultation at his office.

To learn more about butt implants in Miami, or any of the procedures that are offered at the Aventura Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Restoration, we encourage you to view our before and after photos. We can be reached at (305) 933-1838 or through our online contact form.

To schedule an appointment for BOTOX® Treatment, contact the Aventura Center, located just north of Miami, Florida.

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2954-B Aventura Blvd  
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Ph: (305) 933-1838

Fax: (305) 933-1850



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